Back to School. Insightful Books for Dog Owners and Trainers

Back to School. Insightful Books for Dog Owners and Trainers

It doesn’t seem to matter how old I get, I still love the “Back to school” time of year. Maybe it is early childhood imprinting that causes me to get excited when I see all the sale flyers advertising school supplies. Or maybe it is simply that this time of year evokes the desire to refresh the brain cells and dig into some of my books.

So this month, I thought I would share some of my favorite reads for dog lovers and those interested in learning more about our canine friends. These are not simple “how to” books that provide steps on how to train your dog, but instead they are insightful reads that I believe both pet owners and professional trainers would glean valuable information from. This list might also work well if you have any gift shopping to do for dog loving friends. Read below to see my recommendations!


Insightful Books for Dog Owners and Trainers


One of the books for dog owners and trainers I believe is a great read for any dog owner is Pukka’s Promise. Written by Ted Kerasote, this is not only an entertaining read by a skilled author, it is filled with research and valuable information regarding our dog’s health and nutritional needs. If you enjoy Pukka’s Promise, then also check out Ted’s earlier book, Merle’s Door. Just be prepared to need a box of tissues when you get to the end.

Another book that I hold in high regard for both pet owners and trainers alike is The Dog’s Mind by Bruce Fogle. This book, written by a DVM, does a good job of unraveling exactly how the dog’s senses help him interpret the world around him. Once you read this, you begin to understand your dog’s perspective on things in his world.

Along similar lines is Temple Grandin’s Animals in Translation. You may have seen the movie about Ms. Grandin, but I encourage you to take time to read one of her valuable works. This is simply a must-read if you’re interested in finding out more about our animals’ perception of the world around them.

And finally I’ll leave you with an author you likely have not heard of, but should read: Vicki Hearn. Her books Adam’s Task and Bandit will challenge you to see dogs in a way you most likely have not.

Happy Reading!


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