Group Dog Training Classes

Group Dog Training Classes

If you are looking to have a better relationship and have more fun with your dog consider joining one of the many That’s My Dog! group dog training classes. From basic dog obedience training to Advanced Trick training, we have something to fit every dog’s skill level and every dog owner’s area of interest.That’s My Dog! Puppy Preschool is the very best way to get your puppy started out on right.That’s My Dog! Basic Dog Obedience class coaches participants through the process of teaching their dog to Walk nicely on leash, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay Come when called and maintain a Place (bed) command.That’s My Dog! offers dog trick training classes are a fantastic way to have more fun and build a stronger relationship with your canine friend. We offer 3 levels of trick training from basic to advanced.If you need a bit more Zen in the relationship you have with your dog, consider the That’s My Dog! dog hiking class.Our polishing classes are offered 1 to 2 times a week for our TMD clients. Our dog training polishing classes are the perfect way for dog owners to “polish up” their dog’s obedience and good manners.

Polishing classes are included as a bonus, free for 6 months to all dogs who enroll in either our Super Dog, 2 Week Learn and Play or the Board and Train programs. After 6 months the drop in fee for class is only $5.00!That’s My Dog! On The Go! Classes take Polishing class one step further by taking the skills and training out into the community.