Polishing Classes

That’s My Dog! Polishing Classes are the perfect way for dog owners to “polish up” the skills and good manners taught through our Board and Train and Private Lesson programs.

These classes are lead by a TMD professional trainer and are filled with unique learning opportunities that help owners fully understand how to utilize their dog’s obedience to the fullest. Working with your dog in this higher energy, group environment, helps you more thoroughly understand how to maintain your dog’s training and improved behavior as a  way of life, not just a trick that is performed at home or under ideal conditions.

Polishing classes “polish up” the skills a dog has learned in training so that the new behaviors become well generalized and more resistant to distractions.

Polishing classes are split into 2 skill levels; Level 1 and Level 2

The Level 1 class focuses on teaching and polishing the basic manners and obedience commands of Heel, Sit, Down, Place and Come. Admission to Level 1 Polishing Classes are FREE for owners that have recently completed either Private Lessons or one of the TMD Board and Train programs with their dog.

The Level 2 Class is taught by Robin MacFarlane for individuals interested in learning more of the art and science behind successful dog training. Level two classes are best suited for owners that have social dogs ready to work off leash. If you are interested in obtaining a higher level of  finesse with your dog’s training this class will help you achieve your goals.

Check here for the next Level 2 Class Schedule.