Remote Collars

At That’s My Dog the use of a remote collar as part of a balanced training program is an integral part of our success in providing reliable, high level results. We know that remote collars are safe and humane training tools and that they provide dog owners peace of mind in having improved control while allowing their dogs off leash freedom.

We also understand the necessity for users to become educated about remote collar conditioning and how to implement the tool with a balance approach. Great training employs many tools including food, toys, treats, play, praise and intrinsic rewards. We believe knowledge is empowering. Our goal to empower clients in understanding how their dog learns and the choices they make about their dog’s welfare is the foundation of everything we do.

Because we feel so strongly about the need for education, we encourage dog owners seeking to purchase a remote collar to also find a knowledgeable trainer to guide them in how to use it. We have a variety of programs to choose from and they each include the best choice collar for your dog as well as a complete lesson package  to learn how to use it!

We are a proud supporter and authorized distributor of Dogtra brand remote collars.