Private Dog Training Lessons

Private Coaching

That’s My Dog! offers private dog training lessons for owners interested in a educational “do-it-yourself” approach to training their dog. While being coached through the process, clients will learn how to utilize and implement the training techniques used by That’s My Dog! professionals. Individuals learning to train their dog through private lessons must be committed to doing considerable practice time on a daily basis in order to be fair to their dog and keep up with the curriculum.

The Super Dog Program- $995.00

The Super Dog Program includes: 

  • Five private 60-90 minute dog training sessions
  • Remote training collar ($200 value)
  • Free admission for six months of Group Polishing Classes
  • Lifetime enrollment in That’s My Dog! On The Go Classes.

In this program you and your dog will learn the entire set of skills taught by the That’s My Dog! team.  The skill set includes: Come when called, (off leash reliable) Walking nicely on leash, Sit/stay, Down/stay, Place command, Waiting at open doors, and dropping items from the mouth when told. Plus stopping nuisance behavior such as barking, jumping, and play biting.

The first four of the Super Dog Program lessons are held  at the TMD facility but the final lesson can be a  home lesson or a field trip of owner’s choice. After completion of lessons, owners and their dogs are invited to Group Polishing and On The Go! classes. These classes are held multiple times a month and will help you fine tune your dogs abilities to behave even around exciting distractions while tempted to respond inappropriately.