New year. New owner. Same GREAT service!

Hello! Let me introduce myself… I am Sherry Moore, the new owner of That’s My Dog!

Many of you may have seen the announcement at the start of the year that after a wonderful, dedicated, and rewarding 24 years of leadership, Robin MacFarlane has passed the torch to me. I am excited and honored to lead this amazing company and watch it grow in the future. But when ownership changes, many react with an initial concern of, “What will change?” I am here to assure you that the same great service you have come to depend on here in Dubuque, Iowa is here to stay, and I’d like to shed some light on what the future has in store for That’s My Dog!

Super Training for Everyday Adventures:

Dog training is at our core. That’s My Dog! provides exceptional training through Board and Train programs, Private Lessons, Group Obedience classes, Puppy Preschool, and a variety of fun clinics for all your dog’s training needs. Our professional approach to remote collar training provides off-leash reliability for you and your dog, with the goal for you to include your canine companion in all of your everyday adventures. **See details below for our current board and train discount.

Doggie Day Camp:

That’s My Dog! Day Camp is one of the highest quality doggie daycares you will find in the tri-state area. Once your dog has completed training with us he/she is eligible to take part in this service which includes a variety of activities each day like playtime with other dogs, off property field trips, mental enrichment, training brush-ups, and so much more!


Have a trip planned, a short weekend away, or hosting a family event that will take too much time away from your furry family member? Trust your TMD trained dog to us. With climate controlled housing, plenty of potty breaks and playtime with other dogs, your dog is sure to have a fun time with us while you are away!

Nutrition and Wellness Counseling:

Dietary questions? Health concerns? Through education on what to feed your dog and all the topics that impact your dog’s health, we are here to assist you in making sure your dog doesn’t just survive, but instead thrives for many years to come!

What does the future hold for That’s My Dog! you ask?

  • New Facility – We will be keeping an eye out for a bigger facility and property to allow a greater capacity to serve you, our valued customers. But don’t worry, Dubuque will stay our home to continue to serve the Tri-state area.
  • Pick Up/Drop Off Service – We hope to begin offering a Pick up/Drop off service for daycare customers to accommodate busy work and home lives, all while still providing a valuable outlet for your dogs.
  • Grooming – Once we are in a bigger facility, grooming will be a service we will be excited to offer and know it will be an added convenience for all our existing and future clients.
  • Consultation Services- These will also expand beyond nutrition and wellness by adding assistance to those that are looking to welcome a dog to their home. We will help educate on breeds, purchasing from a breeder or rescue organization, and how to ensure fulfilling a dog’s needs amongst an already busy household.

But overall, what will stand out the most through all of these current and future services, is the same great customer service that That’s My Dog! is known for. Every employee at That’s My Dog! is here for the same collective reason – a passion for dog ownership. We all know the pure joy and fun that comes with owning a dog and we want to share that with each and every one of you. Once you walk through our door you are welcomed into a community, a family so-to-speak, that is here to support you and your dog every step of the way. 

If you are a current client of That’s My Dog! I want to thank you for your continued support and for being a part of our community. If you aren’t, I invite you to join us! Check out our website, Facebook page, email us, call, or stop by! We have a lot to offer, and we look forward to working with you!

**Don’t miss out on our current Board and Train promotion
$75 off – Manners (1 week) Program
$150 off – Obedience (2 week) Program
Program must be booked to start anytime from February 7th – March 9th, 2022
Call or email now to book!!!

4 thoughts on “New year. New owner. Same GREAT service!

  1. Congratulations Sherry! TMD is in great hands.

    1. Thank you Barb!
      You and Coco have been so good to TMD!

  2. Do you help with potty traingo

    1. Hi Rachel,
      We can certainly provide tips on how to make potty training / housebreaking your dog more successful within your home. A lot of it has to do with the age of the dog, health factors, situation in which the dog came from, feeding schedule, and more. Feel free to contact us at the office (by either phone, email, or website contact form) and we’d be happy to assist you!

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