Dog Day Camp

That’s My Dog! Day Camp is our version of doggie daycare, supercharged!

Previous Day Camp Manager, Jess, with some of the campers.

Our Day Camper’s spend their time not only socializing with other dog friends, but working mind and body through a wide variety of activities including; pack walks, hiking, treadmill training, enrichment games, and polishing their training skills and good manners.

That’s My Dog! Day Camp is a dream come true for our participants. Every day is different. Our canine campers might find themselves hiking one of the local trails, or learning a new trick. They might enjoy solving a treat puzzle, learning agility or just taking a snooze under the shade trees on a summer day.

Of course, there is playtime with their canine friends, but only for those dogs that truly enjoy it. The more introverted pooches can observe in a quieter play yard without needing to defend themselves from loud or pushy adolescents that might intrude and cause undue stress. We can also format days to accommodate dogs that lack social skills so they gain enrichment and improve their manners.

Naptime is a requirement at That’s My Dog! Day Camp because we believe dogs do better when both the brain and body have had a consistent rest period each day. Your pooch comes home at night fulfilled from their day’s adventures rather than simply exhausted from overwhelming activity.

Our Day Camp is only available to dogs that have participated in one of our obedience training programs. This allows us to help you maintain a consistent level of training and follow through on the investment you make in your dog’s training.

If you’re interested in having your dog participate in Day Camp, check out our training programs as the place to start you and your dog’s new adventure with That’s My Dog! Existing That’s My Dog! training clients can schedule their dog’s day at camp by contacting us today.