Affiliate Setup

TMD! Affiliate Setup Instructions:


Access Your Affiliate links:

  • Click the “Affiliate URLs” tab.

TMD Affiliate ID

  • Here you will find your Affiliate ID and your REFERRAL URL

TMD Affiliate Referral URL

  • Your “REFERRAL URL” is a web link that can be copied and pasted into an email or added to an image on your website. Once your customer clicks on this link, all traffic on That’s My Dog!’s website will be tracked. If your customer makes a purchase at That’s My Dog!, you will be commissioned on the purchase.


  • In a new window or tab, navigate to the specific product or category you’d like to create a link for. In this scenario, we are using the Staff Recommended page of the store.

TMD Affiliate Custom URL

  • Copy the URL of the PRODUCT or PRODUCT CATEGORY you would like your customer to visit.
  • Paste the URL of the PRODUCT or PRODUCT CATEGORY you would like your customer to visit in the field labeled “PAGE URL” 
  • Name the CAMPAIGN. Please Note: Naming the campaign is for tracking purposes only. In our example we named the Campaign “Staff Recommended.”
  • Click the “GENERATE URL” button.

TMD Affiliate Generate URL

  • This will generate a new Referral URL (link) that will direct your customer directly to the Product or Product category you want them to view. In the example, we used which generated the link below: Recommended

  • Notice that the new link contains this text: /?ref=56&campaign=Staff Recommended
  • This portion of the link contains your Affiliate ID: /?ref=56 
  • This is the same Affiliate ID that is used in the general Affiliate Referral URL
  • In other words, creating specific product or product category specific URLs is not a necessary step. It simply allows you to send customers to specific pages and track these separately from a general referral.


OPTIONAL: Using pre-written code and graphics for affiliate links on your website. These are called “CREATIVES”

  • Click the “CREATIVES” tab.
  • Copy the code for the image that you would like to use on your website.
  • Paste code to your website or contact your web developer/designer for assistance.

TMD Affiliates Creatives

  • This will result in a clickable web banner. Example below:



You Are Finished!

At this point you have successfully created your affiliate links and are ready to being earning commissions! Please check FAQ section or Contact US if you have additional questions.