Puppy Professors Kids Camp


Dogs are everywhere! And many are valued members of our families and society.

Teaching our children how to properly interact with them is crucial information to help ensure the safety of both the child AND the dog. Puppy Professors is a FUN and INTERACTIVE kids camp designed to give your child valuable information on how to interact safely and effectively with dogs and the major roles that dogs play in our society.

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Puppy Professors Kids Camp will include a lot of fun activities/games that will help teach:

  1. Dog Body Language
  2. Proper way to greet and pet a dog
  3. Dog Jobs (Retrieving, Police K9, Search and Rescue, Tracking, Herding, Service, Pulling, Hunting)
  4. Proper ways to play with a dog
  5. Proper ways to care for a dog
  6. Dog Safety

NOTE: This 1-2 hour camp is recommended for kids ages 5-10 years of age. One parent (or adult guardian) is required to be present at all times for each child attending. Cost is per child. You DO NOT bring a dog with you, however, dogs will be in attendance and have been chosen based on their certifications and experience and safety with children of all ages.

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Class date/time:

Saturday, April 20th, 2024 @ 10:30am


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