Puppy Preschool


Puppy Preschool provides just the right guidance so you can set the stage for a lifetime of stress-free, wonderful companionship with your new dog! In order to have a great dog it is ideal to start training during the critical stage of development which is less than 16 weeks of age

Starting out right means exposing your puppy to all the “things” in the world you want them to learn and be well-behaved around. Things like how to potty outside and not in the house! How to bite on their toys rather than your skin or clothing!
Starting out right also means learning to willingly give up items and not be possessive, how to greet other dogs and people without going over-board with excitement and how to tolerate being brushed and having nails trimmed.
There is so much for a puppy to learn and your puppy can only do well if YOU do well!

Let us get you started off on the right paw.

This course is a hybrid learning course; participants local to the Dubuque, IA area can sign up for in-person Puppy Social classes in addition to Preschool. Register and read full course description below. 

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Class Details

Puppy Preschool is a combination of virtual learning and (optional) in person socials held on Monday evenings. No waiting for a class to start, you can start the virtual content as soon as you bring your new puppy home!

The Puppy Preschool contains easy to follow video tutorials about potty training, stopping play-biting, introducing leash skills and  basic obedience skills, games to play to build a strong relationship, good toys to use and which to be thoughtful about.  Preschool will show you how to set up critical social experiences that set the stage for a lifetime of positive social behavior, plus so much more! The videos can be viewed multiple times and the whole family can be part of the class. This makes it easier to learn the material and focus on the techniques rather than trying to hear and practice in a noisy, often hectic group class environment.

Enroll in Puppy Preschool Now!  (please note; you will be redirected to another site for payment. Return to this page if you wish to also opt into the Puppy Socials)

Puppy Preschool students that live local to Dubuque, Iowa can also opt to participate in the  Puppy Social class which meet in-person on Monday evenings at 6:00 PM. Puppy socials are a great way to  practice the skills you are learning in the class. Your pup will have opportunity to meet other people and other puppies, plus you can ask questions and interact with one of our professional trainers. Puppies may attend Monday night socials up until they are 16 weeks of age for the additional, one time fee of $50.00

Enroll in Puppy Social Now!

Puppy preschool is a must for your new puppy and the best way to prevent future behavior problems!


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