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We've made changes to help keep you safe during this challenging time and we are here and ready to help you with your dog training goals! Please view our selection of newly enhanced programs and contact us with any questions.

Dog Obedience Class – Group Classes

Dog Obedience Class – Group Classes 

Basic Obedience Class | $225.00

That’s My Dog! Basic Dog Obedience class coaches participants through the process of teaching their dog to Walk nicely on leash, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay Come when called and maintain a Place (bed) command. This class does not incorporate the use of e-collar training. Participants will focus on leash handling and lure/reward training techniques.

The class will address door bolting, jumping up on people and other minor nuisance behaviors.

Dogs must be 18 weeks of age or older to participate and must not have a history of aggression toward other dogs or humans. (Aggression issues are best dealt with through other That’s My Dog training services)

Some training equipment is provided in the tuition fee and participants will be assigned weekly homework. Homework requires approximately 1 hour daily practice time in order to keep up with the class curriculum.

This class meets weekly for 7 weeks. Class is limited to 8 dog/handler teams.