Dog Obedience Class – Group Classes

Dog Obedience Class – Group Classes 

Basic Obedience Class | $225.00

That’s My Dog! Basic Dog Obedience class coaches participants through the process of teaching their dog to Walk nicely on leash, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay Come when called and maintain a Place (bed) command.

The class will address nuisance barking, door bolting, jumping up on people and other minor problem behaviors.

Dogs must be 18 weeks of age or older to participate and must not have a history of aggression toward other dogs or humans. (Aggression issues are best dealt with through other That’s My Dog training services)

Some training equipment is provided in the tuition fee and participants will be assigned weekly homework. Homework requires approximately 1 hour daily practice time in order to keep up with the class curriculum.

This class meets 60 minutes weekly for 7 weeks.Class is limited to 8 dog/handler teams.

Advanced Obedience Class | $100.00

This course focuses on off leash work as well as increases precision and teaches several new skills including:

Alternate side heeling. (Dog will learn be able to heel on BOTH left and right side) This is valuable when walking in crowded areas because a dog is comfortable switching sides.

Front and Finish commands. (Front is a precision ending point to recall and Finish is the dog moving around on his/her own into heel position)

Directional work. The dog will work on hand signals to move away from the handler in various directions. (Left, Right & Back)

Drop on Command. (Teaches the dog to perform a Down command while away from the owner at a distance. The dog will be able to Down on recall or Down while moving away from the owner. This is a valuable skill to improve safety when off leash.

…plus more.

*Prerequisites: Dogs must have completed one of the That’s My Dog off leash training courses and have attended at least 5 group polishing classes before entering the Advanced class.

Length 5 weeks

Class is limited to 8 dog/handler teams.