Dog Obedience Class – Group Classes

Dog Obedience Class – Group Classes 

Basic Obedience Class | $325.00

Our Dubuque Dog Obedience class coaches participants through the process of teaching their dog to behave more politely. Learning to train your dog under the guidance of a skilled instructor can provide you with a much improved relationship and more years of fun with your beloved pet.

Participants will learn how to better manage their dog’s behavior, improve leash handling techniques, properly apply lure/reward training, plus, the art of when and how to add a well timed correction to the training (if needed) to improve overall reliability of your dog’s behavior.  This group dog training class does not incorporate the use of e-collar training (as our Board and Train and Private lesson dog training programs do).

The class will address basic behaviors including: walking nicely on leash, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay, maintaining a Place (on your bed) command, Come when called, plus door bolting, jumping up on people and other minor nuisance behaviors.

Dogs must be 18 weeks of age or older to participate and must not have a history of aggression toward other dogs or humans. If your dog is struggling with aggression issues such as snapping or biting at people, fighting with other dogs or resource guarding behavior, please contact us about our rehabilitations dog training programs.

Some of the dog training equipment is included in the tuition fee.  Participants will be assigned weekly homework. Homework requires approximately 1 hour daily practice time in order to keep up with the class curriculum.

This class meets weekly for 7 weeks. Class size is limited