Board and Train Dog Training

Board and Train Dog Training at That’s My Dog!

That’s My Dog! offers clients a Board and Train dog training program that is convenient and beneficial for both dog and owner. In a board and train program your dog stays with us for 15 days while our professional dog trainers teach them how to be well mannered and obedient. After our trainers finish this time frame working with your dog they will then work with you through private follow up lessons to make sure you are comfortable maintaining your dog’s new and improved behavior. Once the private lessons are completed you will be invited to participate in our Group Polishing and On The Go! classes for no additional cost. These classes ensure a very high level of success with your dog’s new training!

During your dog’s time with That’s My Dog! he or she will learn:

  • To Come When called (Recall command)
  • To not jump on people (unless invited to do so)
  • To be quiet when told
  • To wait at open doors
  • To walk nicely on leash (Heel)
  • To stay off furniture (if desired) and countertops
  • To drop or release items from their mouth.
  • To Sit and stay on command
  • To Down and stay on command
  • To remain on a Place (bed, rug or mat) and stay there.
  • We will also work on Housebreaking skills as needed and interrupt inappropriate marking behavior as needed.

Program Details

Our Board and Train dog training program is held at our facility which is climate controlled and kept extremely clean! Dogs are worked with daily and go on “field trips” as part of their stay so that the training and new behaviors can be generalized around lots of distractions before returning home to you.

If your dog has fear, anxiety or aggression issues, board and train dog training with That’s My Dog! can be a wonderful way to start on the path of helping your dog become a much better version of their true self. Robin and her staff have helped rehabilitate many dogs that other trainers have deemed hopeless.

In working with these special cases we focus not only on the obedience and manners aspect of training but truly take into account the whole dog. We work with you and your veterinarian to discuss potential diet, health or structural issues that may need to be addressed. We also help guide your dog through various confidence-building exercises and incorporate them into our stable pack of other dogs to help improve social skills and communication.After your dogs completion of our board and train program, additional classes are available. You will receive six months free of That’s My Dog! Polishing Classes which are held multiple times each month. In these classes you can come “polish up” on your dogs training. You will also receive lifetime access to our On The Go! traveling classes. The On The Go! classes are out and about in the community so you can practice your dog’s new skills in the real world!

Board and Train program $2095.00

Program Includes:

  • Fifteen full days of training with That’s My Dog! professionals
  • One remote training collar
  • Place board appropriate for your dog’s size and weight
  • Private follow up lessons
  • Free admission to six months of Group Polishing Classes
  • Lifetime Free admission to That’s My Dog! On the Go Classes



The state of Iowa requires that dogs be current on Distemper and Rabies vaccination in order to stay in our licensed facility. We require that all dogs have the core, puppy vaccinations (after 16 weeks of age)  to canine parvovirus, and canine hepatitis as well. The other lifestyle vaccines such as lyme, bordetella, lepto, influenza, etc. are optional and not currently required to be in our facility.


You must provide your dogs current food (and any needed medications) for the duration of their stay. We supplement your dog with additional B-vitamins and minerals during their stay to help combat the stresses of being away from home. The product we use is Endurance. You may also bring a blanket (No beds or pillows please) or toys from home for your dog to have while they are with us.