Insect Shield for Pets Available at That’s My Dog!

Insect Shield for Pets

Are you worried about ticks, fleas and other pests biting your canine friends?

Are you concerned about putting chemical repellents directly onto your dog’s skin or into their blood stream?

We understand. We have the same concerns for our best friends.  We’ve found a solution we’re excited about!

Insect Shield™ gear for dogs.

Insect Shield for Pets is a patent pending process that bonds permethrin into a fabric in such a way that it will last for the functional lifetime of the fabric. (approximately 70 washes) Permethrin is an insecticide that has been registered with the EPA since 1979. It is commonly used in parasite control and elimination products such as flea and tick sprays and dips. It is also used in human products for treating scabies and head lice.

At That’s My Dog! we aren’t fond of the use of chemicals on our dogs and we always advocate excellent nutrition to bolster the immune systems as the first line of defense in parasite control. But we also recognize that ticks are a significant problem in our region and want to do our best to protect our pets. The idea of having removable forms of protection was highly enticing to us so we’ve brought on the Insect Shield line of products.

So far, feedback about Insect Shield’s effectiveness, including Robin’s personal use with her dogs while camping and hiking, has been very positive.

The gear includes; bandanas, neck gaiters, T-shirts and even pillows and blankets. These products can be worn by your dog or placed in the car and yard.

To get the jump on protection for your pet this summer, check out the entire Insect Shield line.

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