Robin MacFarlane

Owner & Training Director

Robin MacFarlane is a sought-after expert dog behavior specialist in the dog training industry.

Her work has led her to travels across North America and abroad teaching pet professionals, K9 handlers, and private pet owners.

Her expertise in electronic training collars has helped thousands of people increase their dog’s performance and off-leash reliability while decreasing behavior problems ranging from OCD to aggression issues.

Robin made the decision to help create change in the lives of dogs and their owners in 1994. While working full time as a vet tech, she began teaching classes and instructing dog owners as a part time pursuit. After a life altering event in the fall of 1997, she decided that training was her true passion and went full time into the profession. She launched That’s My Dog! Inc. in May of 1998 and hasn’t regretted a day since!

MacFarlane possesses the ability to ‘read’ dogs and formulate techniques for them as individuals. Through patient instruction, Robin focuses attention on what her clients want rather than what they wish to avoid in terms of their dog’s behaviors, and this makes Robin stand out in the dog training industry.

You can read Robin’s full bio here!

Past Director, IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals)
Past Conference Chair, IACP
American Kennel Club, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator #9431
American Red Cross Animal First Aid Instructor
Professional Member IACP (P#1046) & IACP CDT (Certified Dog Trainer)
Professional Member, National K9 Dog Trainers Association
Dogtra Company Pro Staff Trainer & Consultant

Sherry Moore


Looking to provide a more enjoyable life and a “larger world” for her active dog, Sherry began her relationship with TMD back in 2002 by training her (then) dog Ruger and never looked back.

When the time came to add a dog to their household again, Sherry and her husband didn’t hesitate to train with TMD again in 2015 with their black lab Otto.

At that time, Sherry was working as a Veterinary Asst./Training Manager at a local animal hospital while attending Clarke University to obtain a Master of Business Administration.

Her goal was to find a career that blended her love for animals and passion to help make a business prosper. While talking with Robin, a mutual desire for filling this type of position arose and when offered, Sherry knew it was a position she couldn’t pass up! She is honored to be the General Manager here and is excited about all the great things in store for TMD!

Outside of being the General Manager at TMD, you will find Sherry enjoying the great outdoors with her husband, Robert, and their dog, Otto, by camping, hiking, canoeing and so much more!

Bachelor of Science Degree, UW-Stevens Point, 2001
Master of Business Administration, Clarke University, 2016

Liz Eichhorn

Dog Trainer

Liz Eichhorn brought her Toy Fox Terrier named Ike in for training with Robin back in 1998 when That’s My Dog! was just beginning.

After completing the training program, Liz continued to stay in touch with Robin throughout the years. When an opening for an office manager arose in 2007, Liz happily grabbed the opportunity to join the team. In 2018, she moved into a training position and has been assisting our clients and their dogs build stronger relationships!

Liz worked at Dubuque Greyhound Park in the Surveillance Department for 12 years before beginning her career with Robin and That’s My Dog!

In 2006, she got her Mountain Cur Sugar to help her train for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in 2007. Liz has always enjoyed be able to bring her dogs to work with her. In 2014, she added another Mountain Cur Cain to her pack.

Now Sugar and Cain help her in the office most days and are a great addition to the That’s My Dog! team!

Kat Marner

Office Manager

Kat has been surrounded with dogs most of her life, getting her first family dog at the young age of three, and adopting her first rescue dog in 2007, just after graduating high-school. She has always felt that working with animals brought purpose and passion into her life and has enjoyed working previously at pet hospitals, boarding kennels, and pet supply stores. Kat is also involved in working to help rescue and place homeless dogs. She works closely with a local rescue, Homeward Bound Siberian Husky Rescue, as a foster. She has frequently found inspiration in her personal foster dogs, thoroughly appreciating their ability to live in the present moment.

Kat joined TMD as our Office Manager in July 2018 and has been a very valuable addition! Besides keeping busy at TMD, Kat is also a yoga teacher, who completed her certification locally in Dubuque at B-1 Yoga studio.

Kat feels fortunate to live this life of fulfillment right here and Dubuque with her son, her rescue dogs, several cats, and a bearded dragon!

Amanda Teutschmann

Dog Trainer

Amanda has always been inspired by her interest in helping people have a dog that they can enjoy without the worry of bad behavior.

Amanda graduated from UW- Platteville with a degree in Biology and Geography. While attending UW- Platteville Robin gave a presentation in her Mammalogy class and intrigued her with her dog training philosophies, ultimately becoming a driving force to pursue her career in the dog training industry. With her passion supported by working and training with her family dogs she decided to use that passion and work under Robin to continue her on-going education and build her dog training skill-set.

Amanda Teutschmann is a dog training professional who is goal oriented and determined to support her love for dogs and fulfill their lives, as well as the owners, to support a long happy life together.

Biology and Geography Degree | UW-Platteville | 2012
E-Cademy Certification | That’s my Dog! | 2014

Jessica Wessel

Dog Trainer

Jessica became interested in behavior and training when her first dog, Fidget, showed signs of dog reactivity and fear in new situations and with people. She took pride in helping Fidget make breakthroughs in his training and see him become happy and calm in situations that would’ve once had him panicking and reacting negatively.

Jess also loves trick-training with Fidget and her new puppy Rue. She enjoys teaching them tricks that are both silly and useful, from weaving between her legs and playing frisbee to opening and shutting doors and picking up and putting away their toys. Getting her dogs to think outside the box and work their minds is a process she enjoys and aspires to help others achieve as well.

Jessica became a member of the TMD family in August of 2016, working in the doggie daycare and boarding areas. She has now progressed into an assistant trainer position. Through continued education and experience she is working toward the title of Professional Trainer.