Dog Day School Training | Jump Start Program

Dog Day School

Jump Start Program

Day School Training is our most sought after program. This dog training course is the perfect compromise if you don’t want to leave your dog for a Board and Train program but you don’t have the time to do all the work yourself through Private Coaching lessons.

We are typically booked 4 – 6 weeks in advance for this program simply because it is the best of both worlds for many dog owners.

The Jump Start Day Training program starts out with you dropping your dog off at our facility each morning, Monday through Friday, so your dog can receive daily private sessions with our professional staff. In conjunction, you as the dog owner, get lessons in a small group setting throughout the week to keep up with the new skills your dog is learning.

During the training week, your dog will also be allowed to participate in our structured Doggie Day Care AND go on a special field trip to help generalize the learned behaviors.

After the Jump Start 5 day training is complete you begin attending our Polishing Classes to enhance and add to the skill set that has been taught. As you progress through the Level 1 and Level 2 Polishing Classes you will graduate with the ability of off leash control of your dog that holds up in the midst of real world distractions!

If you are struggling with more significant issues like; fears, phobias, compulsive behavior or aggression problems, we encourage you to contact us for a FREE behavioral consultation. We have successfully helped thousands of dogs by designing programs that combine obedience training, counter-conditioning and desensitization techniques to help your dog become calmer and more stable members of society. Day School training includes evening lessons with you, the owner. This insures you understand the required techniques to keep up with your dog’s progress.

Day School Training Program – $1150.00

The day school dog training program teaches your dog; how to  walk nicely in Heel position,  how to Sit and lie Down and stay, to Come when called as well as remain on a Place when told. Plus to wait at doors, drop items from the mouth if needed, no nuisance jumping, barking or play biting. Your dog is taken on “field trip” outings in addition to practicing at the TMD facility. This helps to better generalize the behaviors. This program teaches you and your dog the skills needed to be off leash reliable even around high levels of distraction.

Program Includes:

  • Your dog receives 5 full days of training with our Professional Trainers.
  • You receive 3 Handling and Training lessons to learn how to work with your dog and incorporate the new skills into your routine. Lessons last 1 – 2 hours each.
  • Remote training collar appropriate for your dog’s sensitivity and temperament.
  • Free admission to six months of Group Polishing Classes where you and your dog progressively improve reliability working around distractions and off leash control.
  • Lifetime Free admission to That’s My Dog! On the Go Classes so you and other like minded dog owners can enjoy fun outings together at local pet friendly locations!