Wisconsin Dog Trainer Rendered Unconscious by Noxious Odor!


An unfortunate accident at That’s My Dog! Inc. rendered professional trainer Robin MacFarlane unconscious for several minutes on Wednesday March 31st.

Ms. MacFarlane, owner of the training facility, was conducting a routine training class on Wednesday afternoon when suddenly two regular attendees known as Oliver and Whiskey (aka: Partyboy and Dr. Drool) turned tail and released a deadly combination. Ms. MacFarlane was unaware of the silent storm moving her way until it was too late. Other class attendees on the scene say she *just dropped* and *toppled like something hit her from behind*. Oliver and Whiskey were unavailable for comment. Hermoine, the Goldendoodle, an acquaintance of the pair said she was as surprised as anyone to think they would do something like this. “They seemed like good dogs and would wag their tails whenever I saw them.” However, Panda, another training regular was overheard to say “Serves her right for all the Pup-a-roni garbage she doles out.”

No serious injuries were reported. Upon regaining consciousness Ms. MacFarlane only desired to wish everyone a Happy April Fools Day.