Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called is *shockingly* easy!

Jan and Rambo drove to the Dubuque area from the Quad Cities Iowa a short while ago to do some dog training with us here at That’s My Dog! Inc. Apparently Rambo had passed beginning AND intermediate obedience classes elsewhere but when he was left off leash “he will be off and running for two to three hours and won’t let us catch him.”

How often have many of you experienced that?!!

The recall is actually one of the first things we teach in our dog training dvd and our obedience training programs. I feel that my dog or any dog should be able to safely enjoy an off leash romp as part of a very basic training class.

Jan had actually won a Dogtra electronic training collar at a benefit event but needed some guidance in learning how to use it. She and her husband were both surprised at how quick, easy and humane the techniques were. And Rambo? well, after an hour or so of working with Jan and teaching her the basics he was doing extremely well and enjoying some new freedoms.

The following is a note from Jan and I am proud she is practicing as instructed and she is following the safety protocol of keeping a long line on him until he is really rock solid in his reliability.
I imagine I’ll hear the complete *off leash reliable* report in a another week or so. Congratulations Jan and Rambo and keep up the consistent practice. Off leash freedom is wonderful to enjoy for both of you.


I just wanted to give you an update on Rambo’s progress. I have been able to work on Rambo’s recall using a 50ft loose leash daily (almost). The first few minutes of each session begins with a short reminder on “What to do when called” followed by work where I let him enjoy himself but if he gets near that 50’ mark I recall him before he gets to the end. Rambo and I are really having fun, he does not realize it is training. Rambo’s favorite time is the public hunting areas, although I do not think he even knows what he is pointing at… he can at least pretend that he is a real hunter. We are also using a riverfront levee about 6 blocks long that is not yet busy. I was startled by his jumping in the river, e- collar and all, after a duck last week, but the fun part is neither of us stressed out about it and I was able to allow him to enjoy being a dog.

Anyway, thank you so much for your assistance; it has made all the difference in outside fun.


Jan Burroughs
LeClaire, IA