Happy Birthday to the Best Dog a Girl Could Have


Happy Birthday Tom!

April 15th, 2004 must have been a day all the stars were lined up just right, cause my boy Tommy is one special dog!

I got Tom when he was seven months old and on the drive back from O’Hare airport I gave him his name, Tom in tribute to my favorite rock star, Tom Petty. (I briefly contemplated the name Cash, since he was born on tax day!) but Tom just fit him and I could tell he had that superstar quality all his own.

Every day since the first has been a blessing with this guy. He, like all great dogs, teaches me something about life, about myself and continually reminds me how to just to be and relish the moment. Tom is pure joy and how fitting that before he came to live with me he had been named Happy by his breeder. 🙂

Last summer Tom was diagnosed with spondylosis which means that several of his vertebrae in his back are fusing together causing degenerative nerve disease in the hind legs. Over time he is losing mobility and function and it can tug on my heartstrings pretty hard on those days when he struggles. But true to his nature he never feels sorry for himself for a moment. He is ready to go every time I head to the door and his ever present grin, assures me all is fine.

So here’s to Tommy, Six amazing years old, which in human years would be 53. You’re looking good big man!

* for anyone curious the calculation in converting *dog years* to *human years*….the first year = 15, the second year = 10 and every year after that is roughly equivalent to 7.