Welcoming spring with some new changes

The first thing we need to do is Get Me Out of the DogHouse!! This month I am participating in a fund raiser to benefit the Dubuque Regional Humane Society called “In The Doghouse.” It is a fun opportunity that has allowed myself and other area professionals to take the lead in raising funds and awareness for our local animals in need. If you follow either the That’s My Dog! or the Robin MacFarlane  facebook pages you will be seeing calls to action throughout the month to help bail me out. You can stop by the training center at 5110 Wolff Rd to pick up a pledge card and envelope to mail in a donation or if you want to help me get of the dog house even faster, click and toss a few bones on my behalf right now! I am sure Diva would appreciate getting her room back. 😉

Also coming this spring, you will begin to see some new classes on our calendar. In an effort to serve the varying needs of our clients and their dogs, we’re going to begin splitting the Polishing Classes into 2 levels. Starting in April, the pups who have recently graduated from Private Lessons or Day School will be invited to participate in the Level 1 Polishing classes to enhance the new skills they have recently learned. The dogs who have already been participating in classes for some time or have completed a Board and Train program will advance to Level 2 Polishing Class. In the Level 2 class, the main focus will be on working off leash and making further advancement with the dog’s ability to work around difficult distractions.

Additionally, we’re creating a special group environment for those dogs that need more focus on behavioral aspects of the training rather than just improved manners or obedience. Our first “Reform Rover” class will start on Saturday, March 25th. Some of you will be receiving information inviting you to this class because we feel it will be more valuable for you and your dogs than the routine Polishing classes. If you don’t hear from us and have questions wondering if this is a good choice for your dog, please feel free to contact us.

Finally, we’re a bit sad to announce that Kelly is leaving her position with us. After nearly 7 years as an integral part of our staff she is moving on to new adventures as the mother of a new daughter. We want to thank Kelly for all she has contributed to That’s My Dog! and the many clients and dogs she has helped to develop a better bond. If you have some time Friday March 3rd, stop in between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM to have some lunch and get a chance to wish her well.

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