If you have a dog training project, dig in and get it done!

Dog training project update: We are in the final stretches of our completely renovated green space for the TMD dogs who come here to train, board and play. It is going to be fabulous and it serves as living proof that major transformation is possible. It just takes a plan and dedication!

The same goes for your dogs. Regardless of what type of problem you might be frustrated by; housebreaking, play-biting, jumping up or more serious issues like aggressive responses, territorial behavior or possessiveness…change is possible.

Analyze the problem, create a plan and then consistently work at implementing it. That is what happened here at TMD and the dogs will be enjoying the results for a long time to come. A special thank you goes out to our general manager, Sherry Moore and her husband Robert for their hard work and dedication bringing this fantastic new green space to fruition for us!

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