Update on Luca

Luca has been here a week participating in our dog rehabilitation board and train program. He came to us because he had bit someone and was very difficult to control. We were told he was very territorial of his property. He would jump on the balcony, barking and carrying on when ever someone went by and he was not fond of allowing visitors in the home. He was also very difficult to take for a walk, lunging and barking at passersby, cars and bicycles.

For the past week we have been working with Luca on establishing some new rules. He is learning he is not allowed to drag us around. Instead he must walk nicely, heeling by our side. He must sit when we stop and remain sitting until we give him permission to go. He is also learning not to forge out of the door or into the car. Both were habits he was very insistent on, but he’s getting better.

He’s also learning to have some trust in things that make him very nervous. Like having his feet handled and being groomed. He is no stranger to struggling and putting his teeth on us when he gets wary of our actions. But he is learning greater tolerance.

He is an interesting case because he is a unique combination of very pushy, yet insecure. There are a variety of techniques being used to move him forward. Of course we are utilizing a remote collar as part of his program, but he is also now working on a Halti as well and of course liberal use of hotdogs. He’s been working on some of the agility pieces (pretty scary for him at first) and took a field trip to Galena, to work on being out in public. Saturday was his first day to participate in class and I was very pleased with his progress.

This coming week we will be making a trip to Adam’s Pet Hospital to pull a blood sample and have the test run by Dr. Jean Dodds Lab in CA. Luca appears to have some early signs of possible low thyroid function and I’ll be anxiously awaiting those results.