Remote Training for Humans

As a professional dog trainer I am always attempting to stay current with new training techniques. And as a person getting older and attempting to avoid those daily aches and pains I am aware of watching my posture. Particularly since my auto accident in 97′. Good posture was always something my mom got on me about and has always been a challenge in my awareness. The combination of those two interests brought me across an interesting website this morning.

This little device is worn by the human on the upper part of the body and can be set to detect *ideal* posture. When the wearer slouches for more than 60 seconds it alerts by means of an electronic vibration. Now of course being a proponent of electronic collar training I am fascinated by this item. It completely makes sense to me. It creates awareness in the mind of the wearer to maintain good habit. And of course it is completely safe, just like the long used TENS unit physical therapists have utilized for a long time. The buzz simply creates awareness, not pain. (the BIG myth surrounding electronics!)

Those of us in the specialized profession of utilizing remote training equipment for dog training understand immediately how quick and effective something like this is. I can see a lot of potential and if the company can market this baby I wouldn’t be surprised if it catches on the same way our collar training has for dogs. I’ll be adding it to my shopping list and mom will be proud of my improvement!