Training Workshop for Canine Unit a Great Success

I recently presented a training workshop for the Wisconsin State Patrol K9 Unit. Five handlers and their dogs were in attendance plus a canine handler and his dual purpose dog from the St. Croix Tribal Police.

I can say it was a pleasure to work with these men and their dogs. A privilege to help them learn some remote collar applications that will make their work a bit easier and an honor to observe the dogs do their work as detection and tracking canines.

These men show tremendous dedication to their work in serving the public and to their desire to do the best for their dogs. It was insightful for me to learn more about the daily routine the partners go through. And it makes me ashamed when I hear public bemoaning of the police. Most people have no real idea what it takes to do their job or what they see and deal with on a daily basis. I for one am thankful they are out there (even though I have gotten that occasional speeding ticket! – yeah, I deserved it. )

The workshop was a success. Each of the dogs got started on remote collars and we moved many steps closer to having completely reliable off leash ability. The handlers also now have an easier way to communicate other needs such as conserving drive and desire until it is time for the dog to go to work. For anyone not familiar with working dogs they are very high drive and often so work obsessed they waste precious energy spinning, barking, etc. as soon as the lights go on in the squad car. It is valuable to conserve this until the dog is taken from the car and asked to do his search. This prolongs the stamina needed in long search situations. Some of the dogs only needed a bit of fine tuning and by learning these collar techniques the handlers where quickly able to communicate things that were previously more challenging to achieve. Plus we got to throw in a few extra tidbits that might surprise the next bad guy! 🙂

It was awesome. Thank you gentlemen. Stay safe.