Training a rescue dog to have a happy home in Dubuque – Nora’s Story


Meet the bully-breed dog we brought back from the Jackson County Humane Society for some training and rehabilitation work. We brought her back here to our dog training facility in Wisconsin because we felt we could help her best through a board and train program that allows her to really learn new habits and be immersed in a consistent lifestyle. Without training there was concern she may not find the right home to be adopted into.

Here is her story. She was found along the side of the road missing part of one ear and with a 8 inch gash down her side. None of us know how she got there, the veterinarian who stitched her up speculates that she was used as bait for a dog fighting ring. Right now she is pretty shy. She cowers and occasionally growls at those who approach her, but warms up as soon as she realizes we have no ill intent. Just what has caused her to react this way, we don’t know for sure. There is only speculation.

I am guessing that story brings up some emotion for many of you dog lovers. Over the coming weeks we hope to keep everyone updated as to her progress in our dog and obedience training program here in Dubuque. And we are also going to discuss how the words of rescue and adoption sometimes dig into our psyche and get in the way of doing what is really in the best interest of the dog. I think it will be an interesting topic so check back frequently or remember to subscribe to the rss feed if you want to be updated as we add these posts.

By the way, she needs a name. We have been using Nora cause it kind of fits her, but tell us what you think?