How to Train your dog so they can have the life they deserve

Two dogs went home today from our Board and Train program. Their obedience is greatly improved and they both worked on some much needed behavior modification. They worked here at the facility in Wisconsin and took some field trips to Galena, Il and Dubuque, IA. Now the real work begins as their owners learn how to continue the new habits and follow through with improved leadership skills.

Congratulations to Diane and Max, her six year old Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Max was referred to us by a Dr. Mary Lynn Neumeister because he had some severe problems fighting with other dogs. He was so difficult to walk that Diane had pretty much abandon walking him on leash. Instead she was forced to take him to secluded areas to allow him to run and burn off some energy. The problem was, when any distraction, including other dogs showed up there was no control or assurance of getting him back to her.

We think those days are over. Yesterday in our large field socialization class Max ran off leash with a dozen other dogs with out incident. And Diane did great learning to take charge of him today and gave him the much needed direction he craves. I liked the following picture from today’s lesson cause Max is looking to Diane for direction. We teach situations that require permission cues to our canine students and in this photo Max is waiting for Diane to give him the okay to pass through the gate. So today is a new beginning and we have high hopes that things will continue to progress nicely.


Congratulations also go out to Bella and Christina. Bella came in as a very shy, fearful and insecure dog. Her tail was constantly tucked. She is only 8 months old but would nip at us when we tried to put a collar or leash on her. She tried to hide when people approached and held her breath every time something new entered her world. She has come a very long way in two weeks but there is work to follow through on so that she can live the life she deserves.

Christina did a fantastic job today learning the ropes with Bella. The picture below tells the story of communication that has opened up. Both dogs were trained with our remote collar training techniques and we are confident their happy tails tell the story of how the dogs understand this positive system of communication and reward.


Both the dogs and their owners will now begin attending our group classes and continuing to learn how to communicate with their dogs and help them make appropriate decisions by directing them to behavior that keeps them from trouble and harm.

We will try to check back with Max and Bella and give you an update to see how it is going with the transition home.