Good Dog Training in Wisconsin creates more AKC Canine Good Citizens

Congratulations to our newest group of AKC Canine Good Citizens!

Twelve dog and handler teams turned out today for our testing. Nine of those teams are going home with the designation Canine Good Citizen. The remaining 3, missed the mark but such small in-fraction that we are confident the next time around they will be joining the ranks of their colleagues who passed today.

I’m proud to say that the only causes today for not passing where a bit of over – exuberance. No aggressive displays, no barking issues, no lunging. All the dogs were truly pretty sharp, just one or two hellos from the canines that need a bit of refinement and a bit of practice keeping some noses off the ground.

Everyone who participated should really give themselves a pat on the back and give their companion a good belly rub. Not only have you worked hard to have a great dog and build a wonderful relationship, you stepped into the ring for the first time and overcame the butterflies that go along with that effort.

Congratulations. Our team here at That’s My Dog! is really proud of you!