Proper use of a remote dog training collar leads to great results!


Congratulations to Phil and his dog’s Kira and Lucas. Phil recently attended our foundation remote collar training workshop in NC hosted by Carolina Dog Training.

Phil is a canine handler with the U.S. Pentagon Police Special Operations Division. He attended our workshop with his partner Kira. Kira is a working dog whose job requires clarity of mind to keep to her task of explosives detection. It was obvious to us from the start that she and Phil share a special bond.
She was clear about her task and had good obedience. However there were still some challenges when Kira was in drive with her favorite reward, the GREEN ORB! (aka: Tennis ball) For one, she didn’t like to let go of that prize! 🙂 However with a bit of practice and some new techniques Phil and Kira made tremendous progress in the two days we worked together. Later in the week, Kira passed her re-certification test. So congratulations go out for that accomplishment.

But Phil wanted more. He wanted his other dog, Lucas, a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix to be able to enjoy off leash freedom. He wanted to be able to take his dogs to the beach and around all the distractions that normally caused some problems for Lucas. So Phil took the skills he learned and set to work.

I received the following note just a week after our workshop:

” I took Lucas- my Out of control Rhodesian Ridgeback-Basset Hound Mix to the Lake this Morning for a 5-mile walk with PLENTY of Distractions (Other Dogs which he Loves, Runners, Bicycles, Wildlife etc…) and He stayed with me the ENTIRE Walk keeping in close Proximity of me and really paying attention to where he was in reference to me on the walk. Excellent results with the ecollar. Thanks.”

We are super proud of the work Phil did when applying the Just Right Training techniques. His dedication to his dogs paid off in many ways. His dogs can stay focused when they need to be, but they can also have more fun and enjoy off leash freedom because they understand to come back when told. That is security and peace of mind for everyone.


Keep up your work with your dogs and thank you for the service you and Kira provide in protecting our security.