10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Dogs


Here are the Top Ten Reasons I am Thankful for My Dogs

10. Because you help keep the floor clean. Without you I would actually have to mop!

9. Because when I am sick and no one wants to come close you sense this and stay even closer. Swine flu?…no problem. Heck you love pork!

8. Because you bark like mad when someone pulls in the drive or comes to the door. I appreciate the feeling of security.

7. Because having holes chewed into the pockets of my clothes gives me a valid reason to go shopping. Perhaps that is why I never remember to empty the treats…

6. Because you are role models for loyalty. You never disclose who done it. You are all willing to revel in the glory or keep quiet and take the blame.

5. Because you NEVER complain about my cooking. In fact you make me feel like Rachel Ray has nothing on me.

4. Because you know the value of sitting in a sunbeam and there are times I need to be reminded of that.

3. Because you love my singing….or at least I have never heard you complain about it. You understand it’s fun just to make some noise at times.

2. Because the joy you demonstrate when running with abandon to no particular destination always makes me smile.

1. Because you are the perfect reminder of how to live in the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!