Instant Brains for Your Dog


Meet Hermione, the 4 month old Labradoodle who found her “Instant Brains” today. Well, at least according to Karen, her human. Hermione is learning new skills and good puppy manners with the assistance of a Dogtra remote training collar, a leash, and super yummy beef jerky treats!

The objectives of this first lesson where to get the basics of good puppy manners. Those skills include:

* Walk nicely on a leash – no pulling or lunging or tangling around feet.

* Come when you’re called – Yes, you can chase butterflies, sniff toads and jump into the tall grass, but Come when you are called please.

* No jumping on people and keep your teeth to yourself – We love your pearly whites but those little daggers hurt us humans who don’t have fur so keep them attached to dog toys not our fingers.

The remote collar and treat combination make for the perfect game of *Hot and Cold* when training a new dog. The tap on the shoulder with the collar (which Karen, a very accomplished medical professional equated to the feel of a TENs Unit) gives the dog information when her behavior is off course, and assistance from the human plus the treats mark the moment when Hermione has made perfect decisions to stay close, come when called or not jump up. After 10 years of practicing this training method, there are still those moments when even I am wowed about the clarity of learning it provides.

Apparently Karen was amazed too. About 45 minutes into the lesson she couldn’t help but exclaim that the training was like *Instant Brains!* How cool is that!

Karen and Hermione did fantastic working together today and we are looking forward to seeing how they continue to progress.