The Rights of Dog Ownership and Training in Wisconsin

This blog post is my blatant solicitation to have you sign the National Pet Owners Bill of Rights. For too long the animal rights extremists have been targeting pet owners like you and I and chipping away at our rights to own and care for dogs as our personal property. PetPAC is an organization that has been making head way in fighting back and protecting our rights.

The excerpt below is directly from the PetPAC website. Please take a few minutes to click the link and sign the petition.

PetPAC, a rapidly growing national organization of 65,000 pet owners, is asking you to support the National Pet Owners Bill of Rights by signing the petition. Within the United States, pet owners are under attack. Unscrupulous animal rights extremists are waging a battle to eliminate pet ownership. They are extremely well funded and have introduced hundreds of legislative bills in dozens of states to severely restrict pet owner rights. Once we have established strong support for the National Pet Owners Bill of RIghts throughout the United States we will work to introduce legislation in Washington D.C. and assert our constitutional rights of pet ownership. Please support our efforts by signing the petition and telling everyone you know to help us in our effort to protect our pets.

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