Dog Training For Dog’s Who Really Get to Enjoy Life On The Go!

Last nights dog training class was filled with Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retriever’s, Doberman’s, Rottweiler’s, Bichon’s, Jack Russell Terriers, and everything in between. The mission of all the dog lovers in the room was to help our canines have better behavior. Most importantly to have better obedience and manners when in public or faced with exciting situations.

There were seventeen dogs in our group along with their owners, two instructors and a few observers, so all told, about forty-five beings in a small, confined space all working toward the objective of better dog behavior. The goal of our training program at That’s My Dog! is to create a well balanced relationship with our companions so that they can fully participate in our everyday lives. Our motto is Super Training For Everyday Adventures because we are striving to help owners have dogs that can accompany them anywhere due to their impeccable manners and good behavior.

Two of our exercises were focused on how the surrounding energy of an environment affects our dogs. With both exercises, we elevated the energy level in the room with lots of commotion, movement and excitement. Then we brought the energy level back down to a controlled and calm state. As we fluctuated the energy level, we taught the dogs to remain focused on their owners and engage them in play or to simply remain calm and laying on their mats. This is not something that most dogs can do without proper training. The average dog would simply take off to engage in the frantic energy or hide in a corner because they feel overwhelmed by the chaos. But not our training group. These guys are champs, and are learning the self control that will allow them to go in public, on walks, to the park or have company over to their home. Regardless of the situation, they will be able to handle it with great manners.

I believe it is evident to you reading this post that your dogs are affected by fast movement and excitement. For example; If you take your dog to the dog park you often witness energy levels that escalate beyond control. It is not uncommon to see some dogs bullying others, scuffles break out or other dogs hiding in the corner or under a picnic table because they are overwhelmed. This is why we believe it is so valuable to have excellent training. Without having control and teaching your dog how to handle these environments your dog has a difficult time learning to behave himself around other dogs. Often times the excitement is so much that he is dragging you down the street, or throwing himself at the window every time he sees another dog. He loses all self-control. The good news is with some guidance and practice your dog can learn to be more steady and calm in these moments. He will still play and be social but you will have the confidence that you can call him back when needed. And you can walk to the park comfortably without the anxiety and anticipation he is going through when he is charging 4 feet in front of you.

If you are interested in achieving this with your dog, please contact us for help. If you are not here in the Dubuque area or Chicago, contact us to see if one of our TMD E-cademy Graduates is in a location near you.