Good Dog Training Includes Exercise

Spring is finally coming to our facility here in Hazel Green, WI and our dog training programs are including more outdoor exercise time. An increase in physical exercise is one of the key aspects for good dog behavior, even television’s Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milian continually reminds his viewers that some of a dog’s physical energy must be expended before you can begin to work on the mental aspect of behavior modification.
So it is time to get out and walk the dog or jog with the dog, but we also want you to remember to be prepared in terms of health care. Warm weather brings fleas and mosquitoes, so it is imparitive you protect fido from these parasites with proper preventatives. Check with your veterinarian for recommended products and dosages.
Another consideration is the length of your dog’s toe nails. Nails that are too long can cause discomfort to your dog because he may not be able to place the pads of his feet squarely on the ground. This can create long term malformation, so make sure those nails are trimmed up. If you are having some difficultly in getting your dog to cooperate with the nail trimming process, take him to a groomer to have the job done or contact us for help in training him to be compliant with the process.
An increase in exercise is good for all of us, physically and mentally, so make a commitment to your canine friend and get out there for a good walk each day. If you are local to our area, join us for our traveling training class, That’s My Dog! on The Go and we will show you how to turn your exercise time into a great training opportunity as well.