Good dog training last for a lifetime – The Boston Terrier who made it!

Occasionally we get a note or letter from past clients of  That’s My Dog! letting us know how things are going. It is always nice to hear an update. Prince, the Boston Terrier who came to us a few years back with severe dog and human aggression issues is still doing well and we are proud of those accomplishments. Prince’s owners, Rob and Angie are very dedicated to their dog and their persistence paid off in being able to keep him in his home as well as successfully integrate him to life with two children. You can read more about Prince on our testimonial page, you will find his story pretty fascinating. Here is his follow up letter and a photo of him with the kids!

Hello Robin! It’s been awhile. Just wanted to give you an update on Prince. Our son is now 2 1/2 and Jackson and Prince are the best of friends they go no where without each other. On the weekends you can find them curled up next to each other in the recliner watching movies, and at night Prince sleeps right next to Jack’s bed. It is nothing short of amazing, We have even had him around my Niece who is 7. Recently, we have added another addition to our family. Mia, she is 8 weeks old today and Prince once again is wonderful with her, as is Jack. Anyway wanted to give you an update just to keep in touch. Enclosed is pictures of the two kiddos Prince has so graciously welcomed!! Rob and Angie Hohmann