A Professional Dog Trainer’s message to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Interested in being a professional dog trainer? Let me tell you, it is a GREAT career and today was another of those days I was reminded of what a cool life I get to lead. Of course there are all the great dogs and puppies to work with, but also the fun of educating others about dog psychology and training.

Today I was a guest speaker at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. The Companion Animal Class professor invited me to chat with her class about this profession, discuss training ideas and share stories of my experiences.

Reflecting on some of those interesting cases over the years just reinforced how much I love this profession. There is the creativity of finding solutions to problems, the pleasure of watching the light bulb moments when the dog *gets it* and the pure joy of helping people understand how to create a fun and happy life with their dog.

I love all aspects of dog training, but it may be the people part that truly inspires me. Bringing relief, and hope, coaching on creating fun and enjoyment and watching everyone gain skill and knowledge….it is a daily high I am hopelessly addicted to. The dog business is a people business. Today I got to share that message with a bright group of animal ag and pre-vet students who will be helping inspire and shape human-canine bonds in the future.

A perfect day, and Tommy got to go with me. 🙂