Well Trained Dogs and Responsible Owners Welcomed in Dubuque, Iowa

Congratulations to the Dubuque Regional Humane Society for another successful Grand Pet Excursion. This benefit walk with your dog is an annual event that we love to participate in. Our group is always happy to lend a hand to help raise money for lost, stray or abandoned animals.

We had a great day and our dogs enjoyed getting out and about for some exercise, games and socialization. We have more fun photos on our FaceBook page so take a look, even baby Diva made the 2 mile trek.


There is a sad part to the story though. Unfortunately, Dubuque, Iowa is not the dog-friendliest town. The Grand Pet Excursion is allowed a special one day permit, but as you can see from the sign, dogs normally are not allowed in any of our beautiful city parks. 🙁

We recently have formed a group called FIDO (Friendly, Intelligent Dog Owners) to help educate others on the idea of responsible dog ownership. It all starts with the simple act of picking up the poop! We hope to lead by example through education, hosting events and word of mouth. Perhaps someday we can win back the simple right of walking our dogs through the many gorgeous parks that Dubuque has to offer.

You can find out more about what is happening with FIDO by connecting with us here.

In the meantime, where ever you live and where ever your adventures with your dog take you, please remember to be responsible about your dogs behavior. Pick up after them and respect that not everyone is a dog lover. Maintaining control of your dog while in public sets a good example.

Let’s all do our part to show that dogs can be well behaved and welcome members of our communities.