Happy Birthday to another one of of my great dogs.


Happy Birthday to Hero. Our oldest Belgian Malinois turns 9 today. And he has given us nine years of smiles. He is pictured above with my daughter. They have been pretty inseparable since he came to us when she was only 5. He even has the privilege of sleeping in her bed!

Hero is a great grandpa figure around here. He is tolerant of all the young pups that visit us and puts up with their exuberance. But like any great dog, he knows when to correct them for crossing the line. 🙂

He was my first Malinois’ and has taught me so much. Hero has a very big heart and will try most anything I ask him to do, even if he finds the task *scary* he will always try his best. And given his very soft personality there are lots of things he finds a bit scary.

I guess that is what it means to be a Hero. It is not about not being afraid, but about finding the courage to persevere anyway.

Happy Birthday Hero. You are a good dog.