Therapy Dog Training Makes an Impact on Everyone’s Life

Here at That’s My Dog! we’ve spent some time reflecting on dog training cases from the past year. What a nice walk down memory lane. We have trained some wonderful dogs who have become AKC canine good citizens, therapy dogs, service animals and cherished family members.

Here is another of our favorite stories; Rosie, a mix breed who plays a big role in the lives of many.


Rosie became a member of the Rosecrance adolescent substance abuse treatment center family when she was a puppy. Rosecrance, a leader in the substance abuse treatment located in Rockford, IL, is situated on almost 50 acres of land with 15 acres of woods, a healing garden and two ponds. Rosie, a collie/shepherd mix with a lot of energy, was “hired” with the thought that her main job would be to keep the geese out of the two ponds located on site. It quickly became apparent that Rosie would also be spending time with patients and staff throughout the day.

It was a rough start for Rosie. From jumping on people to running away it just wasn’t working out. She went to some obedience classes which did help with some bad behaviors but her high energy would always land her in trouble.

After extensive research we decided to bring her to That’s My Dog. I must say the name says it all. When Rosie came back that was the first thing I said, “That’s My Dog?!” Rosie was off leash and very well behaved. I couldn’t believe it was the same dog.

Rosie has done a good job keeping the geese out of the grounds and is becoming an important therapeutic outlet for the patients we serve at Rosecrance. Rosie visits the patients when she is outside or when they take her for a walk. Everyone here knows and loves the new Rosie. She is still young and loves to play but when I say, “Let’s go to the pond,” she is ready to work. She has learned more than I could have imagined. From being a dog that works the grounds to a dog that interacts with fifty or more people a day, she understands what is expected of her.

Thank you so much Robin and your team for your passion and skill with Rosie.

Aaron Statler
E.S. Supervisor/ Safety Officer
Rosecrance Health Network