Holiday Tips for your Dog!

The holidays are upon us and it is easy to get so caught up in the fast pace of shopping, cooking and travel that our family canines can inadvertently be overlooked for their most basic needs.

Pent up energy needs to be released and unless we give our dogs a bit of direction on how to do that, don’t be surprised if the Christmas tree gets re-arranged, the gifts become chew toys or grandma’s fruitcake gets gulped!

In this busy time remember to treat yourself and your dog to a little quiet time away from it all. Hit the trail for a hike or visit the park for a romp near the lake. But most importantly get outside and move. Your dog looks to your to provide an outlet for exercise. Even outside dogs don’t do much to entertain themselves if they don’t have a human to help orchestrate some activity. A good walk or a game of fetch can go a long way in creating a dog who is then ready to lay by the fire as you wrap those last couple presents.

Remember too that your dog should remain on his regular feeding schedule. In addition, discourage your guests from feeding your companion human food no matter how much those big brown eyes beg for that yummy morsel!

If you live in a frozen, snowy environment like we do here at That’s My Dog! Inc. remember to clean your dog’s paws of the rock salt and other ice melt chemicals that are on the sidewalks and streets. When you return home a quick wipe down of the paw pads and between the toes will take care of any possible irritants.

Keep the water bowls full of fresh clean water and for those outside dogs check the bowl several times daily if you live in an area where temperatures drop below the freezing point.

A new chew toy can be one of the best gifts for your companion. Chewing is a way to relive stress and eliminate boredom, so provide safe, indestructible toys such as Nylabone or Kong toys.

And don’t forget to have fido join you for the holiday photo. If you’ve done a bit of training, have him sit/stay and capture that moment!

Happy Holidays from all of us here at That’s My Dog! Inc.