Aubrey Berning

Day Camp Manager

Since Aubrey grew up always having 2 or more animals in the house, there was no doubt that passion she gained for animals would transfer into her adult life. After graduating from UW-Platteville in May 2019 with a Biology degree and an emphasis in Zoology and Pre-veterinary medicine, Aubrey decided to explore her options working with animals instead of pursuing the veterinary career. She soon took a job working at the Dubuque Regional Humane Society helping with the care of animals there as well as other tasks there. She loved the opportunity to work in a shelter setting and be a part of making the lives of the animals better. Since starting at TMD, Aubrey has helped in several areas and has enjoyed the chance to work with the dogs in multiple aspects, from boarding to training and now managing the daycare.

When Aubrey is not at TMD, she loves getting out into nature with her 2 dogs, Luna and Holland going hiking, kayaking, and trying new things such as teaching them tricks.

Biology Degree | UW-Platteville | 2019