Amanda Hilby

Amanda has always been inspired by her interest in helping people have a dog that they can enjoy without the worry of bad behavior.

Amanda graduated from UW- Platteville with a degree in Biology and Geography. While attending UW- Platteville, TMD’s previous owner, Robin MacFarlane, gave a presentation in her Mammalogy class and intrigued her with her dog training philosophies, ultimately becoming a driving force to pursue her career in the dog training industry. With her passion supported by working and training with her family dogs she decided to use that passion and work under Robin to continue her on-going education and build her dog training skill-set.

Amanda is a dog training professional who is goal oriented and determined to support her love for dogs and fulfill their lives, as well as the owners, to support a long happy life together.

Biology and Geography Degree | UW-Platteville | 2012
E-Cademy Certification | That’s my Dog! | 2014