“Spooky Dog Training Class in Dubuque”

Thanks to all the Dubuque Dogs who showed up for our That’s My Dog! “theme” dog training class this past week. It was too much fun to see all the dog costumes!

But I am particularly impressed by how everyone participated in our idea of having the humans dress up in strange or unusual ways to help acclimate the dogs to “different”. When we show them “different” in a fun and non-threatening way…we get less reactivity and an easier time using our obedience to maintain calm. You guys were all great leaders for your dogs to follow.

We had hats and crutches, ghosts and cowboys, there were “scary looking” hoodies and those evil big puffy coats!
I was super impressed at how these dog took all the hoopla in stride, even some of our new comers like Vito, Bailey and Eike. You all did great!

Dog training is primarily about repetition and setting up for success. The proofing you’ve been doing by getting out and about with your dogs is paying off.