Dancing through your dog training class…

Dog training in Dubuque has been getting more and more fun as participants in our Tricks Class are strutting their stuff!

Our five week Tricks Class begins by building on the basics of developing good focus through obedience.

Once the dog’s thoroughly understand the basics like Sit, Down and Stand we build focus on our hand motion and use simple lure/reward training to build the movements. The dog’s are having a blast and the owners are learning a great deal about good timing and shaping through successive approximation to build new behaviors.

Teaching tricks is not only a lot of fun but the mental activity is good for the dog. Making your dog “think” is a great way to build relationship and it also tires the dog out, just like physical exercise. So as we head into winter and getting out becomes a bit more challenging, think about what mental work you can give your dog as a suppliment to the day’s activity. Learning to twist, spin, weave, high five and dance might be just the ticket!