Rehabbing Callie

Today Callie, the dog aggressive pit bull terrier, participated in her first group class. I am proud to say she did excellent! We had 6 other dogs in class, including two other dogs that have struggled with dog aggression issues.
Callie was able to focus on me as I worked her through the class. She followed through with all the was asked of her, walking nicely on leash (with no charging at other dogs!) She can sit-stay, down-stay and remain on her place as other dogs pass by her.
Because she was doing so well in a fairly controlled environment we decided to turn up the energy level a bit and see how she handled it. Annalissa, our head instructor, allowed 3 of the other dogs to break into play with one another and Callie stayed on her place and watched with some curiosity. She never barked, lunged or created a problem. We are very proud of how well she is progressing and she earned a few hot dog tidbits for her efforts! Tomorrow we will be taking a field trip to one of the local Petsmarts to work with her in unfamiliar environments.
Stay tuned!