Rehabbing Callie

I want to take a few moments to tell all of you about Callie, an 11 month old female American Pit Bull Terrier. Callie is an extremely bright and energetic girl who was presented to us with dog-dog aggression issues. She would become very agitated in the presence of other dogs. Not only that, she was would also fixate on cats and other people and become very excited, pulling hard on leash and barking wildly. This made her a very big handful while on walks and limited her owners ability to get her out for adequate exercise.

What we have found with Callie is a typical problem for many dog owners. She is a dog with a high energy level and without an outlet for the energy, she expresses it in ways that most owners find annoying or at least disconcerting. If you are an avid watcher of The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic you have probably seen this scenario and watched in amazement as Cesar Millan handled these cases. The problem is most average dog owners aren’t Cesar, nor do they understand the true nature of dogs. So the situation becomes a vicious cycle, the behaviors make it difficult to get the dog out and exercised and without that outlet, the behaviors get worse.

The good news is, there is a cure. Reliable training that teaches the dog appropriate manners and behavior. Not only do we specialize in reliable training at That’s My Dog! we teach you how to maintain it. We don’t expect you to develop extraordinary knowledge of dog psychology or even to set aside special *practice time*. Instead we teach you how to implement simple and easy to reproduce techniques into your everyday routine with your dog.

So today is day 4 of Callie’s rehabilitation and she has gone for a romp in the field with another dog. A win-win experience; exercise to drain energy and socialization with another canine companion. No fighting, no barking, no bullying. She is learning to just hang out with other dogs without getting that energy level all revved up. A lot has been achieved in a few days and we expect great things after her 3 week stay is complete.