4Legs4Pets Place Board – 40×30 Premium Rectangle Cot


Place Board – 40×30 Premium Rectangle Cot – 4legs4Pets


A That’s My Dog! favorite training item for teaching the “place” command. Plus, it is an all around versatile and comfortable dog bed!


4Legs4Pets Place Board – 40×30 Premium Rectangle Cot

These cots are a favorite of the That’s My Dog! team for teaching a “place” command. Everyone loves the idea of having a spot they can send their dog to so they can relax and just “chill out” for a while. The idea of having a dog bed that the dog can remain on while you have dinner with guests or sit to enjoy a movie for a couple hours is appealing to most every dog owner. The slight suspension off the floor makes it far easier for your dog to grasp the concept of remaining on the bed when teaching “place” because the boundary is clearly defined.

What is so great about these cots?

They are super durable and super light weight (so easy to move and clean). They are easy on the dog’s joints due to the slight bit of suspension rather than laying on a hard surface or a mashed up pillow on the floor. The cots allow air circulation in the warm months thus keeping the dog cooler and you can add a blanket in the winter if you want extra warmth. That way you can easily wash the blanket rather than trying to keep a dog bed free of hair and slobber! These cots are fantastic. Both you and your dog will love them!

  • 40″x 30″x 5″ and weights 7 lbs.
  • Ideal size for large dogs 65 – 100 lbs
  • Premium Solid Colors: Black, Blue,Gray,Navy,Taupe or Teal.
  • Leg Colors: Black, Blue,Gray, or Taupe.

Please Note: Dog cots may take up to 2 weeks for delivery. Returns accepted within 30 days of order (10% restocking fee applies).

Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 4 × 40 in
Dog Cot Fabric Color

Burgundy, Black, Blue, Gray, Navy, Taupe, Teal

Dog Cot Corner & Leg Color

Black, Blue, Gray, Taupe


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