Nora visits Galena, Illinois for her first dog training adventure


Nora took her first field trip today. She was pretty excited! It was time to take the skills she has been learning in our board and train program out into the world of pedestrians, kids, strollers and untrained dogs dragging their owners down the street. So we loaded up the crew and headed out for Galena, Illinois.

Her adventures included greeting new people politely, walking on crowded sidewalks nicely without tangling anyone up and learning to navigate stairs without pulling us up and down each flight. She was a perfect role model for That’s My Dog! Inc. and we were pretty proud of her. She is coming out of her shell and developing a lot of personality. I haven’t seen a dog who smiles so much in quite a while. She is happy girl and going to make a fantastic pet for someone. We also found out she likes car rides and is a good little traveler.