New Year = New Fun with your Dog!

Happy New Year to our dog loving friends here in Dubuque, Iowa and worldwide!

As we leave 2018 behind, all of us at That’s My Dog! are counting our blessings as to how fortunate we are to help you build a stronger, more peaceful life with your canine companion.

We’ve had wonderful fun as we celebrated our 20th year in business!

But, we are equally  excited to look forward to the next 20! We’ve been busy planning the next steps in evolving this dog training company to better meet the needs of today’s dog owner. We realize how busy everyone’s life is and know that fitting in the needs of our dogs can be challenging at times. So this year, we’re adding to our core training programs by offering training clinics.

These training clinics are “bite size” pieces of dog training information that will help build a stronger relationship AND give your dog fun, new skills and mental outlets.

Our list of topics include: scent games, whistle training, and indoor games, plus tricks ranging from the classics, like “shake” and “roll over”, to the more advanced moves, like “do your yoga” and “get the mail”. We are also thrilled to be rolling out our new Canine Parkour course! Get started with the basics course to learn core conditioning and safe movement so that by summer’s end you can participate in the more advanced moves and learn how this kind of fun can be had in a variety of outdoor environments.

It is shaping up to be an exciting year so be sure to check the calendar and list of courses often. Here’s to 2019 being a great year for both you and your dog!

Happy New Year,

1 thought on “New Year = New Fun with your Dog!

  1. Thank you for all your help with Bleu when I first got him !! I only wish I would have stayed with it .. he is a great dog and sometimes can be pretty smart , it is his master that need more training..

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