How Good Training is helping dogs from Dubuque!


Cleo, our newest Board and Train Dog takes a nap after her workout!

Ever heard the saying “a tired dog is a good dog”? Well, if you haven’t, it is true.

A tired dog is pretty darn easy to live with. At least easier than one who is chewing up the furniture, knocking down the kids, bolting out the front door and tipping over the garbage every other day.

A tired dog lays down and takes a nap, chews contentedly on their toy and can settle as part of the family rather than creating chaos most of the time.

Creating a tired dog is actually a two step process. Part one is physical exercise. Dog’s need walks, running or other fast paced activity like playing fetch or frisbee. Unfortunately some people forget that we, the humans, are part of that equation. We create a big yard for the dog and assume that he will run and play and wear himself out. This just isn’t the case. Dog’s are pack animals and need leadership. They need someone to instruct them on what to do. Yes, even instruction with their *fun* time.

And this is where part two comes in, mental exercise. Mental exercise is often more fatiguing for the dog than the physical.

So remember to participate in your dog’s fun, by taking those walks together (and make them heel) play fetch and have your dog sit before you throw the ball and practice a little bit of obedience through out the day by asking your dog to do a few things for you like come when called, go to her bed and stay or sit and shake. Anytime you ask your dog to do something, you are giving him a job and we all benefit from having a purpose.