A well trained dog can go anywhere! (and come back when called)

We always love hearing from dog owners who have trained with us in the past. Here’s an update about Gracie, the English Mastiff who is enjoying her new open spaces in Utah.


Hi Robin,
Gracie has spent a little over a month here in Utah. She is loving her huge large yard that allows her to run and dig with her new little friend Kramer (aussiedoodle puppy). Gracie and Kramer are getting along great. They are now the best of friends playing and running all the time. Gracie has also found a new friend here in Utah; a kitty that we rescued from the cold. Gracie follows her kitty everywhere and is very protective of her and gets upset if her little kitty is upset. Gracie has also helped train Kramer by showing him what good behavior looks like. We are forever grateful for all of the training that you have given Gracie.
Love The Stenquist Family