E-palooza: Professional Dog Trainers Meet in Wisconsin


The third weekend of September always brings amazing dog training talent to Wisconsin and the Dubuque, Iowa area. That’s My Dog! hosted 3 days of continuing education for professional dog trainers from around the country and abroad.

The weekend event was filled with demonstrations such as how to build a dog’s agility jumping technique and sequencing while keeping safety in mind. Participants also learned the in’s and outs of running a Puppy Preschool program and important points on how to help the dog owner integrate the lessons learned about dog ownership and training. Other topics included business building, marketing with video and concepts on remote collar training.

Those who made the trip were also treated to some of the visitor attractions such at the National Mississippi River Museum. All these pro trainers couldn’t help themselves from trying to charm turtles and 5 foot catfish!

And of course there are the parties, but the tradition is “What happens in Dubuque, stays in Dubuque.” :-)…..who were those women howling at the moon?

If you missed it, mark some time out for next September. E-palooza is building better dog trainers and helping them all get their piece of the pie.